Information About global Environmental Issues and Problems

An interdisciplinary investigation of how human activities impact the Earth's environment on a global scale. Examination of population, resource use, climate change, and biodiversity from scientific/technical and social/economic/historical/political perspectives. Use of remote sensing maps. Sustainability.

4.0 Units General Education Credit in Area F

Course Goals

This interdisciplinary course enables students to examine global environmental issues from scientific, economic, political, social, and ethical perspectives. The interdisciplinary subject matter challenges one to assimilate and integrate facts, ideas, and concepts from different and possibly unusual perspectives without becoming frustrated. Systems thinking enables students to process, integrate, and interrelate these facts, ideas, and concepts effectively. Environmental problems are complex and require us to see problems from various often conflicting viewpoints. This capstone course provides the opportunity to examine recurring themes of ideas and relationships without having to become a specialist in every subject. Group activities involve students from various Cal Poly colleges in applied problem development, analysis, and methods to improve real environmental situations. The course encourages you to combine your knowledge and experience with that of others.

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