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Latest Environmental Issues in India

July 13, 2017 – 04:55 pm

With a population of over 1.3 billion, India is soon set to dislodge China as the most populous country of the world. While India has one of the fastest growing populations in the world today, it’s far behind most...

Environmental Issues in Nicaragua

March 27, 2017 – 09:28 am

One of the main environmental problems of Nicaragua in this moment is deforestation. This problem is inflicted by the uncontrolled advance of extensive livestock farming, unsustainable agriculture and population...

Environmental Issues of Africa

January 5, 2017 – 11:23 am

Greenpeace joined other organisations in marking World Environment Day on Wednesday. (SABC) What does World Environment Day mean to the Greenpeace? For us, every day is World Environment Day (WED). As Greenpeace...

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